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"Mr. Artworks" himself, Elvin Mauk
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Elvin Dean Mauk

Getting to know the man behind the Artwork


I was told that I drew and scribbled from the time I was able to grasp a pencil or crayon. I guess I played with other toys but the action of surface and pigment held a stronger interest. My "art" even in the first grade was shown with the upper grades work and was awarded my first blue ribbons in the county art contests for two consecutive years. No art classes were given in my high school, so I was on my own, plus the only available help and encouragement was from Sunday painters, all ladies of course, as art was of no importance (late 30's and early 40's). My real help came from a local art club that was critiqued by an art professor, Warren Doolittle,  from the University of Illinois. I was encouraged to enter regional and national competitions. Several awards and purchase prizes and one man shows followed. I earned my living by being a carpenter (houses) along side my father, but still painting and doing 30 or more art fair shows on weekends each year. Then came a BIG decision---on my own---in art. I opened a gallery in my home and also gave classes. The next step and the most enjoyable, I traveled with two different professional art groups doing art shows all around the country. As this picture changed, I gravitated back home at retirement time. I am still working as I feel but do not travel as I did for several years. The web is a new venture and challenge. I am glad to host anyone who may be attracted to my work---just looking---collecting---or most of all an honest dealer. Monetary gain was never and is not my goal---but reaching a parallel audience of expression and appreciation.
Thank you.